July in France

Paris Day 20

10:19 PM

We left the city again. This time we took the long train ride to Fontainebleau.

I had said that the Loire valley castles were better than Versailles... well, Fontainebleau surpasses them all. It's magnificient, all the furniture is still there.... you could move in so easily. Got to see Josephine's bedroom, Napoleon's hat, his bathtub, and the desk where he crafted his world-changing Napoleonic Code... and where he ultimately signed his abdication before his exile to Elba. A special exhibit described how Fontainebleau actually began the modern idea of tourism."

The grounds are spectacular as well. We spent many happy hours there... all bittersweet as our time in Paris is coming to an end.

When we returned to Paris and got out our metro stop, we dined at the cafe that was right at the top (though, regretfully, we had passed it by every other time). I had calamari (the best ever!!!) and lapin provencale (tasty bunny; the special of the day). Tom had escargot (of course) and magret de canard au miel. Desserts were mousse au chocolat and tarte tatin.

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