July in France

Paris Day 13

5:33 PM

Rainy Monday, of course!

After class, I met up with Tom at Jules Verne, one of the most exclusive restaurants in the city, for lunch. They say you need to make reservations six months in advance, and even our concierge couldn't get us in, but Tom made me call anyway, and... voila! The best part of all... it's way up in the Eiffel Tower with it's own private elevator!

It's the first time in my life I received a menu that actually had no prices on it (only for the ladies, of course; Tom's had them... gentlemen are allowed no illusions)! And the forks were tine down, as I had learned about in my French studies so long ago. There were so many people on staff to assist you... I think we were under the care of five including the sommelier who kept our bottle of Loire Valley wine somewhere safe and brought it all the way to our table only as needed.

So here's what we had (amuse-bouche are, of course, always gratis):

an amuse-bouche of cheese puffs
lobster gelee with foie gras and diced vegetables
an amuse bouche of foie gras with fig
pork belly with young vegetables
an amuse bouche of tiny pastries
coconut-caramel bars
complimentary chocolates

Oh it was so yummy, and lest I forget, we had a window table, too!

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