July in France

Paris Day 9

12:18 PM

We took the bus to the Pantheon (the former cathedral of St. Genevieve, patroness of Paris, confiscated and secularized by the government); today we made sure it would be open. Initially disappointed that we couldn't go up to the tower (just a second too late), we got over it once we found out it was a tour and that we wouldn't have the freedom to roam and photograph. Foucalt's pendulum inside was interesting as was seeing the tombs of the famous Frenchmen like the Curies, Rousseau, and St-Exupery, but impressive though it is, we found it to be a bit of a let down in comparison to the other great buildings we've seen (especially considering the hype). For example, the Dome Church with Napoleon's tomb, though not nealry as popular, is far worthier of the time.

Afterwards, we went to the Jardin des Plantes. At first we were dismayed because it looked pretty dreary, but we climbed to the top of a hill through a maze we found and discovered a gazebo with a fine view the city. Walking down in the opposite direction from whence we entered, we finally saw the cool stuff: flowery garden vistas (with froggies jumping, too), even a crane sipping from a pond (though Tom found it hard to believe, I'd never seen one in real life before!).

Before we exited, a dragon threatened me....

But my valiant chevalier saved me... and wined and dined me at Le Train Bleu, a fabulous turn-of-the-century train station restaurant with all the charm of the by-gone era of luxury rail travel (with traditional waiter services) at the Gare de Lyon.

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