July in France

Paris Day 15

5:56 PM

Tom met up with me at the Louvre... another long day at the musee! Before entering, we went to a cafe across the rue for luncheon: Tom had cassoulet with confit, and I had quiche lorraine with a dessert of tarte aux fraises (which the waiter informed me was the last one left!). The strawberries tasted so good... like they had just been plucked off the vine moments before.

So back to the Louvre, where we had our marathon trying to see everything we hadn't seen before.

After they shooed us out of the Louvre, we went to the Tuileries where there is was a monthlong Carnival. Almost every booth involved games of skill instead of games of chance, mostly involving shooting (yes, shooting). The rides were a little pricey... you pay for each one separately... but no ticket scam like in the US. We had a cheese crepe and a nutella one (yum!). And bid a salut and adieu to a giant animatron of King Kong (!) when we left the garden to head home on the metro.

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