July in France

Paris Day 17

9:59 PM

School's Out! Today was my last day of class, and no my project is nowhere near being done.

We went to the Latin Quarter and got crepes to go (salmon with lettuce and cheese) on our way to Cluny, The National Museum of the Middle Ages (the largest museum of the Medieval period in Europe). It also has its own set of Unicorn Tapestries... reminded me very much of the Cloisters in NYC.

We watched our crepes made fresh... what a treat!

We visited Le Bon Marche department store, particularly so I could check out their little Droguerie inside.

Then we had dinner at L'ecriture once again.... traditional dishes (and even tastier than any I had there before): soupe a l'oignon, confit, cote de veau, fromage, and creme brulee.

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