July in France

Paris Musings

3:35 PM

It's around 9:30pm. The wild thing is that the sun is still shining. Sunset isn't for at least twenty-five more minutes, and the sky won't get really dark until around midnight. So as we're going around doing stuff, we're always shocked at how the time flew, because it's always sunny here!

The Eiffel Tower really sticks out like an outcast. Anywhere there's a clearing and you're facing the right direction... there it is. It doesn't go with the 18th century buildings. At night though, it's illuminated from top to bottom, and every hour for about ten minutes it sparkles... tres cool!

I must say, the Parisians have all been very polite (as they've always been to me), but they're super nice to Tom, too. He thinks they're friendlier than the Romans. The people I've found to be rude thus far are some German and unfortunately, American, tourists.

Been counting the pregnant women in Paris... nobody looks at me sideways because I have a little wine with dinner, but I did get warned not to drink the tap water tonight by our waiter. He said it's bad for the baby, and that if I choose to drink water, to go with mineral instead!

As in Rome, of course, in Paris history seems an every day part of life...

Contrary to their contemporary reputation, at least in the United States, the French seem deeply devoted to all things military.

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  1. Glad you are having a nice time in Paris! Talk to you when you get back.


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