July in France

Paris Day 2

3:13 PM

Had yummy breakfast buffet in the lobby (assorted hams, hard-boiled eggs, cheeses, fresh fruit and rolls, yogurt, and wonderful warm pan au chocolat for dessert with juice and coffee served by a waitress).

Then had to gather our bags together because the room we stayed in was only for the first night. We are now in a special room, probably the most special of all here because we have a terrace with an incredible view of the Eiffel Tower, L'arc de Triomphe, and Sacre Coeur!

After breakfast and packing up (the staff hauled our bags to the new room while we were out), we set out to get a France Telecom SIM card for my phone so that Tom and I can keep in touch when I'm at the Louvre taking classes. Another slightly chilly day in Paris, unless you're in a store: they have no air-conditioning... and a bit of rain at times, too.

From the store, we walked up to see our neighbor, L'arc de Triomphe. We examined it from every angle possible from the ground.... our trip to the top will have to be postponed for a day that's less windy!

We lunched at Chez Clement... what cute decor (all-copper spoons and colanders are sculptural elements here). Tom had a quarter of "Red Label" chicken and I had duck confit... both came with mashed potatoes (the yummiest ever!).

Took the Metro to Les Invalides....We explored the military museums (Never had I seen so much armor in my life! The Metropolitan has like 1% of the collection here!), and the beautiful Dome Church, which houses Napoleon's tomb (Now, I've seen the tomb before in books, and you think... a tomb is a tomb, but this thing is gigantic! It's 5m high and 4m wide. Wild!).

Then we trekked back home on the Metro... Tom almost go suffocated by the dumb kids who kept piling into our car despite there being no room, but we got home safely. I went out and got us some take-out sandwiches at a nearby cafe (the french really know how to do sandwiches) and we had a very late supper on our terrace.

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