July in France

Paris Day 7

12:03 PM

My second day of class, after which we got a Carte Orange for Tom; now he looks like a native Parisian when we ride the metro and bus!

We visited the Latin Quarter today and saw three lovely churches (where we prayed and Tom shot some great video)...


Then we walked to the Pantheon and they closed the gate before our eyes!

To console me, Tom suggested we visited a fabulous patisserie we found nearby; we got beautiful tarts for our dessert later. Such a yummy bargain!

We thought about a picnic, but every meal's a picnic (without ants) when you dine on the sidewalk in Paris, so we ate at L'ecriture, right in front of La Sorbonne. I had lamb chops, and Tom had a humongous veal chop in a cream sauce. Both were very tasty, indeed.

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