Free Knitting Pattern: Double Round One Skein Scarf

10:52 AM

You can find images on Ravelry!

CO 200

R1 Knit

R2 Knit wrapping yarn twice around needle for each stitch

R3 Knit into double wrapped yarn once(don’t increase stitches)

Repeat Rows 1-3 until desired width.

To finish, K5, then BO the rest of stitches except for the last 5 which you will knit. Unravel the knitted stitches on both ends so you have loops. Knot each loop close to the stitches. I like to leave the loop, but you can snip them to make a fringe.

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  1. wow! thanks for sharing this! i love to knit and crochet too! and i'm also on ravelry as crochettiger24! i'll add you in my list. ^_^ new follower here! thanks! mmmuah! :)


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