Earbud & Earphone cosy crochet pattern

12:37 PM

Why do they sell all kinds of cases for your ipod, but nothing to keep your earbuds clean and intact?

I find it kind of gross that I’m supposed to insert something that’s been exposed in my bag into my ear!

I looked at the knitted patterns on ravelry and made attempts, but they were just too darn fiddly so here is my 3rd crochet project and my 1st crochet design.

Using sock yarn leftovers and a size E hook:

Chain 1, sc along length of cord, do a chain when you reach voice control/microphone area, when that area is cleared, continue sc around cord, when read earbud, chain 10 or until the edge of the chain reaches at least the middle of the earbud, turn then work in the round as follows:

round 1 skip 1st chain, sc 9 into next chain

round 2 pm, sc 9

round 2 (sc2, 2sc in next sc)all around

round 3 (sc2tog, sc 2)all around

slst into 1st stitch for tidiness’ sake.

If you find it’s too small, do another round of sc between rounds 2 and 3.

Go back to Y join of earphones, slst into one of the stitches and begin sc around the wire you skipped earlier and proceed as above.

Weave in ends.

Creative Commons License
Ear bud / Ear Phone Cosy by JoyceAnna D'Alessandro is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

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  1. Nice! Made one too in pink with a crochet Rose...a very girly one.


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