July in France

Paris Day 11

2:17 PM

We ventured out of the city today for the first time taking the train to Versailles. I must say the train ride was a highpoint of today, as well as cutting the long line (at my dear husband's insistance) because I'm pregnant.

It's my third visit to this place and I really didn't remember much... I just knew Tom had to see it because of it's of such historical importance. The thing that nearly destroyed our visit was the sheer number of people there. It was like you were at Disney. And they were all part of tour groups, so there was always a mass of people coming towards you to destroy your view of the place. It did thin out as the day wore on, and by the time we got to the awe-inspiring Hall of Battles, the crowds were waning.

We watched the fountain water displays from the windows of the Hall of Mirrors.... we probably had the best view!

Promptly at 5:30pm, everyone was herded out due to the closing of the palace; what we didn't expect was that we couldn't go in the gardens!

We had to exit, walk for a couple miles before we could re-enter the park near Marie-Antoinette's compound. I must say this was the true highlight of the day (all kinds of labyrinth-like footpaths, waterfalls, temple-like gazebos, and intriguing grottos)... at least until the light rain began. We scrapped our plans for Eau Nocturnes, luckily grabbed the very last bus, and headed to the station for home

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