July in France

Paris Day 10

2:07 PM

After class, another sunny picnic on our terrace.

Then Tom and I visited the churches of St. Merri and St. Eustache and Les Halles (where the largest outdoor market was in Roman times, it's now a mall).

I indulged and drooled at LaDroguerie, a chic craft store... everything was so beautiful and elegantly presented... unfortunately the prices were a little to steep, so I had to be content to leche-vitrine. We headed to the river for our dinner cruise with the rest of my classmates from the Louvre.

It was a bit colder tonight than usual, or was it just being on the river? Out boat was the Caliphe. Wonderful at last to actually sail down the river and see the sites at night. It was spectacular to see the Eiffel Tower lit up from close...

It looks a bit bigger than it does from our balcony.

One of only two photos of Tom and me together that Tom did not actually take himself!

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