July in France

Paris Day 1

3:08 PM

We arrived in Paris around 745am local time, got our bags and met with our driver from the hotel. He spoke to me often during the ride and said we were the first Americans he had ever met that were spending three weeks in Paris!

We made good time until we were just about to enter the city... then the traffic jam, so we didn't make it to our hotel until about 9:30.

The hotel is really cute and comfy... the air conditioning is a little anemic, however, by Yankee standards. Happily, it's about 15 degrees cooler than it was in Philadelphia.

We pretty much just took a shower, napped, strolled our neighborhood, and then dined at Le bistro du 17ieme as recommended by the concierge. I had pate de foi gras, and then because I didn't read carefully.... my entree was veal kidneys with pasta (very french and really very delicious). I had pralined ice cream for dessert. Tom had escargots, magret de canard, and crepes with grand marnier. Both our desserts were 'house specialties', but mine was better than his.

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