July in France

Paris Day 3

3:28 PM

Late start today for us; went down for breakfast around 1o:30.

Since Tom doesn't want to ride the metro far, we took the RER which also has a station very close to our lodging; the ride is more pleasant, but the trains a bit less frequent. It took about a half hour to get to our stop: Notre Dame. It's nice to see it again now that I can fully appreciate its architecture (of course, even great cathedrals look like toys to us when our visit to St. Peter's in Rome is so fresh in our minds). Tom just revelled in the place, both spiritually and intellectually. We got an audioguide and explored almost everything, exiting after five hours at 5:45pm. We just missed getting in to climb to the top of the tower by seconds. We also missed going into the archaelogical crypt for time reasons as well... another day, then.

We walked along the river to our dinner destination: it used to be a Parisan truck stop but today it's just a charming old french brasserie. Tom's rather sure a film is going to be shot there later tonight... we saw girls being made up, trailers, and guys setting up cones to block new people from parking on the street. Having been in the business, Tom picked up on this way before I did. We took it easy for dinner today: we both had quiche, Tom's was lorraine while I had three-fromages with salad and potatoes (yum... as Tom says, "Toonce's style").

We were thinking of going to a Bastille Day ball tonight, but my feet are killing me... and the baby has found just where to lay to aggravate my sciatic nerve.

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