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Burlington County Fair Fun with my family

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We first visited the Burlington County Farm Fair 4 years ago. There's so much to see, taste and do! Not a surprise to those who know me well, the Home Arts tent attracted my attention.

As I admired the projects, one of the friendly volunteers chatted with me and told me the most wonderful(for me) news: You don't have to live in BURLINGTON COUNTY to enter! Note: There are other contests to the fair which are restricted to BURLCO residents, so you will have to read the rules carefully should you choose to enter.

So, the following year, I entered 2 pieces, a shawl which earned 1st prize and a 2nd prize for a sweater. I found out you could submit any thing you haven't submitted before.

In 2014, I entered 7 projects, and earned 2 blue ribbons. I also won a 2nd place for a photo of a preying mantis on a flower. My husband also entered photography, and won.

Last year, I entered 9 projects, earning 2 blue ribbons. My husband won another blue ribbon for photography. My sons entered, too. My little guy won a blue ribbon. What a disappointment for Tommaso, the only one who didn't have a blue ribbon in the family.

This year, however, was Tommaso's year. We all entered several items and he is the only one in the family who earned 1st place! What delight on his face seeing those blue rosettes!

knitted objects burington county farmfair mom sons

A humbling year for me, but after all you can't win them all.

 Here are the Tommaso's entries:
Lady with a parasol, Nobleman riding past the farmhouse, Home
coil clay
Snack, Coil mug
lego jet car
lego jet car

Antonio's entry is on the left, Tommaso's on the right.
The inside of someone's body, The mage in the land of Narnia

And a little silliness for all of us:

If you want to check out my projects(past and present), stalk my instagram or check out my notebook on Ravelry.

We're already thinking about preparing for next year! 

 So tell me, what's your favorite thing to do at the fair?

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