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1st book of my summer reading is done!

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What's all the hoopla about? Do you know about hoopla? It's this great app that your library has a partnership with you can borrow audiobooks, music, videos, and e-books for free for 21 days. 

 I'm grateful my library has this partnership because now I have all this media available to me on my own schedule and I don't have to invest in a publication that I'm not sure I want to buy.

My first book read using hoopla(listened to, as this was an audiobook) this summer is: You are a badass by Jen Sincero.


I'm in a businessperson's entrepreneur support group and this was July's 'book club' selection.

Advisory:I had to make sure to listen to this audio book with headphones or when my children were not around because there is some strong language in it. In addition, instead of referring to divinity by name, she calls God "source energy" which is something as an adult I can deal but don't want to cloud my children's perceptions of our faith.

The premise of this self-help book is that the subconscious needs to be analyzed so that you will be able to achieve what you truly want with your conscious mind. Much of what the author writes about are things that deep down inside you know are true but you forget about them as your plug away at the daily grind.It is written in a casual style which includes many personal COLORFUL stories of her life.

Here are my cheater notes to the book:
  • Your subconscious as well as the beliefs  that you were raised with dictate your reality. You need to know what these things are and as an adult address if these beliefs are holding you back.
quote you-are-a-badass-by-jen-sincero jen-sincro you-are-a-badass motivation

  • The energy you send out is what comes back to you; if you want to try to find that energy you want to live a happy life.
quote you-are-a-badass-by-jen-sincero jen-sincro you-are-a-badass motivation

  • What you perceive is your reality. Therefore you need to have positive thoughts about yourself instead of being critical. Focus on what you want. If you truly believe that you can't, you will not become what you want until you actually become what you want.
quote you-are-a-badass-by-jen-sincero jen-sincro you-are-a-badass motivation

  • Love yourself. You don't need others' validation regarding your decisions in life
  • Understand what your natural gifts and talents are. You will only be satisfied with your life if you're pursuing your true purpose, which according to the author, you will naturally excel at whatever that may be.
  • She goes on and on about practicing meditation. Keep in mind that in her adventures around the world, she spent an extended period of time in India and her beliefs that are not linked to any organized religion. I recommend you view this particular advice through the lens of your own faith.
  • Be grateful, appreciate everything life has to offer; be graceful; shift your focus from what you lack towards appreciation for the miracles that life brings.
  • Don't pine away for what could be. You need to take the necessary steps to see your dream come to fruition. No wishy-washiness here! ake decisions stick with your decision even if the odds seem to be against you.

quote you-are-a-badass-by-jen-sincero jen-sincro you-are-a-badass motivation
  • You need to have faith. According to the author, you need to surrender your goals to the "source energy" and trust that what you need will be provided. Don't let fear fear get in the way of your goal. Trust that what needs to be, will be.

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