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Ways to earn $ using your mobile phone

1:45 AM

My trusty Iphone 5SE is always with me keeping me connected to my calendar, my friends and helping me be productive in general. It helps be shop more efficiently and saves me some dough, too.


I use Grocery IQ to compose my shopping list. Many of the stores I frequent have their own apps, but I prefer this one because: I can scan barcodes for items, I can mark the price I prefer, it works for any store I want, I can add 'new' items. It has lots of other features, which I haven't explored yet.

"Shopkick is the most-used US shopping app connecting shoppers to physical retail." There are 3 ways to earn points,called 'kicks' with Shopkick:
1.Walking into a store
2. Scanning items the app indicates
3.Making purchases with a connected Visa or Mastercard.(I have not done this part! The points just roll in!)
I've earned some Target gift-cards; currently I'm saving points to earn an IPad.

When I come home from shopping or if I'm going to shop online, I open up my Ibotta app to see what I can earn from my shopping trip. You choose the store you shopped, click the items you bought, scan the barcodes with your camera, and take a photo of your receipt. Within 24hours your account is credited. Once you have $20 you can move the money into Paypal, Venmo or choose from their selection of giftcards. My lifetime earnings to date are $140!

So when I go to Target, I use the apps I just described as well as my text coupons from Target and the Cartwheel app. According to the website: "Save on the things you already buy at Target with Cartwheel! Choose from hundreds of offers with discounts of 5-50% off every area of the store. Just add an offer to your Cartwheel list, scan your barcode in store, and save. It's that easy. It's like carrying around hundreds of coupons in your pocket, all neatly organized and accessible!"

In addition, on my teaching blog, you can find out how to obtain 20gb of cloud storage for use on your phone/laptop/pc!

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  1. JoyceAnna, I'm going to have to look into Shopkick! I do have my phone in hand while in Target, b/c I have my list in Notes. Thanks for an upbeat piece on phone possibilities.

  2. Thank you for sharing this! I am bookmarking this so I can get to it tomorrow when I'll have more time to act on it!


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