Feeling peachy

10:36 AM

When the heat wave strikes, I get a hankering to make home made ice cream.  Looking at what I have around, ice cream of the peachy sort was the best choice.

First stop, the Joy of Cooking:

Insert organic in front of all the ingredients, double it because my almost-vintage maker is a 4 quarter and do some necessary tweaks.
Look at these gorgeous peaches!!

I chopped them nicely and thew them in the blender. Once upon a time, I had a food processor but not anymore.
Love my nails? Me, too! This is the Highlander design from Jamberry :)

The blender didn't like chopping just the fruit, so I added all the milk.
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Added the sugar, salt and lemon juice and let it chill.
Once the cream is added, the brown-ness becomes this lovely color.
Ready to go in! Followed the foolproof directions for the churning.

Filled the tub with ice and salt. 
If you ever make ice cream with one of these old doozies, save yourself some grief and get a bag of ice from the store. I used almost a whole 22oz bag!
Churn, baby, churn

40 minutes have a lovely treat! Enjoy it soft now or continue the process in the freezer to enjoy some other time.

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  1. Hi JoyceAnna! I've never tried making homemade ice cream, but I bet I'd like peach. Looks yummy! :)

  2. Sounds really yummy and so refreshing. I fancy trying that with mangoes :-)

    1. Sounds good. You'll have to let me know if you try that.

  3.'s been way too long since I've made home-made ice cream. Good tip about the ice!

    1. I speak from experience. :). Make some and let me know what you made

  4. Wow, that is making my mouth water. Peach!!! Yum. One of my favorites!

    1. I love peaches, too. I can't wait for the New Jersey Peach fedtivsl in 2 weeks.


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