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In Big Magic, curiosity is king:
I dove into curiosity and crafty this summer. Of course, my knitting(and finishing of my knitting) was in full force  for the Burlington County Farm Fair. I participated in #stashdash2016 but did not complete the race.

In thinking about my wardrobe, I dove into researching capsule wadrobes and have concluded that at the moment,  they are NOT for me. However, I was inspired by all the capsule bloggers. I emptied my closet and tried on everything I own. I made the following piles: keep, keep for sentimental reasons, donate, mend/diy.
I documented all the clothes i"m keeping on the Stylebook App(3.99 IOS) which I had forgotten I owned. I have realized that I own a LOT of clothes and I do love them all which is why the capsule thing isn't the cards for me. I suppose I dd have a capsule wardrobe when I wore Maternity gear.

I'm trying to sell some things I'm clearing out on Poshmark. It's fun to try to make a little dough while decluttering  my closet. Join me on @poshmarkapp, the #1 app to buy and sell fashion. Sign up with NDTOL to get $5 off your first order.

I mended a bucket. Yes, I literally mended a bucked of clothing. Buttons, fallen hems, and holes. The moths love my sweaters...but I shall defeat them!

I also diyed some things:
apron from jeans

bina branca wrap( i think I need another one of these0

I read(and listened to some books: You're a BadAss, Big Magic, Introvert Power, AND the whole madame chic series

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