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They're Back! Clear Wraps are here to stay! 7 reasons to invest in at least one sheet!

4:44 PM

This summer, during ThrowbackThursday, the Jamberry Clear Wraps were back for one weekend only. Believe me, I stocked up.

We clamored and gnashed our teeth and Home Office listened!!!

They really are here to stay!

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 Voila` some reasons why you should invest in clear wraps:
  • Nail repair: Use a portion or a whole wrap to cover a tear/crack in your nail until it grows out.
  • Nail art: Do you craft up your nail art designs using cutouts? Do you color on your wraps with art markers?Protect your masterpiece with a clear wrap.
  • Lacquer: Layer over your lacquer for a finish that will last and last.
  • Gel: Use  Use under your gel polish for easy removal of your manicure.
  • Nail-biter: Use as a deterrent for the nail-biter in your life.
  • Protection: Nail wraps for those who are employed in a workplace with a no polish policy. Nurses, doctors and food-service workers these would be great for you.
  • Men: The men in your life deserve nail protection, too.

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