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I finished my 2nd book of my "summer reading"(and have begun #3 if you're keeping track). It's Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat Pray Love(which I haven't read). This was the book club choice last year for the Socialite Suite last year; my local library didn't own it then!

Big Magic

BIG MAGIC is a big deal. Share on Twitter The author has already done 2 Ted Talks!
Your elusive creative genius:

Success, failure and the drive to keep creating:

Here are the takeaways:
People must have the courage to live a creative life and face any fears that might hinder it.
Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you?
Creativity is magical and mystical!
The essesntial ingredients for creativity remain exactly the same for everybody: courage, enchantment, permission, persistence, trust--and those elements are universally accesible. Which does not mean that creative living is always easy: it merely means that creative living is always possible.
The most important ting to understand about eudaimonia, though---about th insat exhilarating encounter between a human being and divine creative inspiration is that you cannot expect it to be better for you all the time. It will come and go, and you must let it come and go.

You don't need permission to be creative! (oops missed a word in the graphic!)
You do not need anybody's permission to live a creative life.
Welcome and enjoy creativity. Don't be the "suffering"artist!
Perhaps creativity's greatest mercy is this: By completely absorbing our attention fo a short and magical spell, it can relieve us temporarily from the dreadful burden of being who we are.I absolutely believe that our artistic instincts have both divine and magical origins, but that doesn't mean we have to take it all so seriously...
I believe that enjoying your work with all your heart is the only truly subversive position left to take these days as a creative person.

At the end of your creative adventure, you have a souvenir of something that you made, something to remind you forever of your brief but transformative encounter with inspiration.
What is sacred is the time that you spend working on the project, and what that time does to your imagination, and what that expanded imagination does to transform your life.

Be persistent even in the face of negativity
You must never doesn't always mean no...miraculous turns of fate can happen to those who persist in showing up.Curiosity is tha alpha and the omega. Curiosity is what keeps you working steadily, while hotter emotions may come and go. 
If you strive for perfection, you will encounter many obstacles.
What ever else happens, keep busy.
Every time you express a complaint about how difficult and tiresome it is to be creative, inspiration takes another step away from you, offended.Perfectionism is a myth and a trap...[it] stops people from completing their work...but even worse it stops people from starting their work.
Perfectionism is just a high-end, haute couture version of fear...wearing fancy shoes and a mink coat, pretending to e elegant when it's actually just terrified.
Learning how to endure your disappointment and frustration is part of the job of a creative person...perhaps [it's] the single most fundamental aspect.

Your creativity is a vocation, not necessarily a career choice!
To even call somebody "a creative person" is almost laughably redundant; creativity is the hallmark of our species.
We are all the chosen few. We are all makers by design.
Interesting outcomes, after all, are awful outcomes with the volume of drama turned way down.
I think the creative life is the most marvelous life there is.

If you feel inspired, I just found out the author has a podcast about Big Magic, called "MagicLessons".  I plan on subscribing and will be running off to keep busy as soon as I hit publish. Ciao, alla prossima!

Have you encountered Big Magic? Tell me about it below!

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