art projects with the moppets


11:49 AM

Trapped in the house because work was being done at our dollhouse, the boys and I played with watercolors.
Elephant-osis: Art Projects with the Moppets.      elephant watercolor jamberry RioVibes
Love my nails? These are RioVibes, from the Jamberry #goforgold collection.
Long ago, when Antonio could barely hold a brush, Tommaso and I made some elephant art. We revisited the directionsand made new ones; Antonio shared in the fun this time.  I used this tutorial from ArtProjectsforKids. 

My moppets hard at work.

I love Tommaso's background.
watercolor elephant

Antonio did a good job drawing; an excessive use of water muddied his masterpiece.

My eco-boy needed another sheet to use up his excess paint.
abstract watercolor

And here's my pink and purply sassy elephantwatercolor elephant

And thus the portfolios get added to for next year's fair.

What projects do you do with your children?

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