JoyceAnna's Jaunty Outfit Spotlight III

7:19 PM

Blue and Gold Forever! This outfit and accompanying wraps are right at home with my dining room decor as well as a nod to Ravenclaw, too.

 My Karen Scott cardigan was a steal from Macy's end of season clearance. It's almost out of stock, but you can shop here, if you act fast! While I am a knitter, the gauge of this is too fine for me. This hits my leg right where I want it to.

The top is an Irma from Lularoe. It's different from all my other Irma's because it's a Jacquard!! I bought this one from Elizabeth Dukart.

The leggings are buttery soft leggings I got from Nicole Nurthen. Tommaso picked out the print---possibly because he's really into card tricks.


And of course, the wraps. 💅

Hygge inspired Perennial Blue was a Sister's Style Exclusive---you have to act fast the month it's available! Check out the current SSE here.


Siren Song will soon be gone. It's retiring at the end of this month!

Devoted will also be leaving!

And Queen Bee, too! Yikes!

Which wrap is your favorite with this outfit?
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