How I Keep my Chic, Despite the Cold

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Yes it IS possible to be stylish and warm in the northeast. Tolerance for cod, like  beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. My normal body temperature is below the 'standard' average so perhaps you think I go a tad overboard bundling up for winter. I hope you find something useful even if you have a high tolerance for cold. ­čśů
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These are the 'long johns' pajamas hubby bought me!

First, invest in some good outerwear that makes you feel happy. I have a long wool coat for over dresses, and some short ones for over skirts and pants.
Gloves, scarves, and HATS. Don't tell me you can't wear a hat. Go to the shops, try them on and you will find one that will go well with your face and hair texture. Remember, most of your warmth is lost from your extremities.
Like my hat? It's from NineWest!
Knitting, not just a hobby, but a lifestyle.

Now, if you still feel cold, invest in thermals. I'm not talking about those u-g-l-y waffle knit tops. There really are great, thin items to wear under your clothes. Years of research yields the fruits for you in this post.

I almost always start with a camisole beneath my clothes. In addition to warmth, they also smooth out bra lines.
I wear regular ones from Soma and thermal ones from Land's End.

Depending  on the weather, I wear 'long underwear' underneath my trousers or long skirts. Mine are from Land's End and Wintersilks.

Under skirts, I wear 'sweater knit' tights or fleeced tights. My favorite brand is HUE.

On a day with many activities or a dramatic temperature change, I've worn Lularoe leggings beneath the skirt and then taken off the skirt for less formal activities.
Lularoe leggings under J Peterman skirt
Comment below, how do you triumph against the cold?

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