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JoyceAnna's Jaunty Outfit Spotlight II

11:30 PM

Today's outfit, evokes a warm fireside, (or if you're one of my students, Gryffindor LOL!*)

 The dress is the 1940's Cord Dress from J Peterman. This is one of their enduring styles and each year is available in only 2 colors....My advice when shopping is stock up when you see your favo(u)rite! I'm wearing the dress with a crinoline I bought years ago for some extra volume

The shawl is my first Rockefeller shawl, knitted as a mystery shawl, which earned me a red ribbon(how à propos)at the farm fair.

My sweet bow belt was a present from my husband from Brooks Brothers.

And of course the wraps!!😊

Sparkly Mai Tai

The mod French nail, Temptress
temptress jamberry

Patchworky, shimmery, Crash Art

Cozy, Red Flannel which is gone for now, but will probably be back in the Fall! 

In the meantime you can make do with this NAS design which is a similar design:

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if I were in the land of Harry Potter, I would probably placed into House Ravenclaw. 

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