JoyceAnna's Jaunty Outfit Spotlight IV

1:13 PM

Unicorn Leggings for the win! No, they don't have Unicorns on them, they have images of Venice. These were the 1st pari of Lularoe Leggins I decided I couldn't live without; this is the 1st time I wore them, therefore I 'slew it'

The top is from Orvis....sometimes it's tough to find anything appropriate for me at Orvis, other times I have to have it all from them. As always, shop with intention and your hard work pays off. I'm wearing a thermal shirt underneath; after all, it is winter!

 My particular top is gone, but this could be a reasonable substitute:

The leggings...just look at them! They scream me, so of course I had to have them. The consultant included that cute unicorn eraser in my package. Thanks to LLR consultant, Cindy for finding these for me.
lularoeleggings jamberrrywraps

 My boots are the Signature Leather boots from LLBEAN. I find them very versatile: I pair them with leggings, trousers, and long skirts. 

And of course, the wraps. 💅

Lagoon(I thought lagoons were blue?)

Fly away with the silvery dragonflies.

Act fast to capture the Salamander; it's slithering away at the end of the month.

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Which wrap would you pair with this outfit?

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