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February is the month to embrace your inner zodiac with StyleBox wraps evoking Chinese New Year and the Year of the Rooster! The February StyleBox is available for purchase through January 25. The following are the wraps available in February’s StyleBox:

  • Claim to Fame – SB17FEBC1
  • Koi Legend – SB17FEBC2

  • Cherry Cheeks – SB17FEBF1
  • Cherried Away – SB17FEBF2

  • Good Fortune – SB17FEBT1
  • Year of Plenty – SB17FEBT2
Don’t forget that once StyleBox wraps are introduced, they remain available for two additional months past their launch (so for three months total). For example, the December StyleBox wraps can be added to the February StyleBox, although it will be the last box you will be able to add them too since they have been available for the December, January, and February StyleBoxes.

 Order your Stylebox here USA Canada
UK, Next month you will be able to order Stylebox too!
What's your Chinese Zodiac sign? I'm a DRAGON :)
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