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Stylebox is new and improved!!

11:59 PM
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Exciting news about Stylebox!

stylebox jamberry

If you're new to Jamberry, read my previous post first: what is a  stylebox?

Here's a gander at they styles featured in December's box:

classic december stylebox jamberry

feminine december stylebox jamberry

trendy  december stylebox jamberry
And now, the news you're waiting for:
stylebox jamberry updates

  • Choose your wraps.
    • Instead of choosing a specific “style”, you now can choose from any of the 6 exclusive StyleBox designs of the month (this does not include catalog wraps). 
  • Add to your StyleBox order.
    • You may add up to eight wraps and two nail lacquers or TruShine gel colors to your StyleBox order. And guess what — B3G1 applies to these orders. And guess what else — there will be no additional shipping fees applied to your order!
  • You can order StyleBox month-to-month.
    • That’s right — YOU can now choose a monthly subscription, rather than being tied to a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription.

Sometimes the box comes with an 'extra', the December box comes with a necklace. Hurry, you only have until November 25 to snag this one!

Take the stylebox quiz(or not) and tell me which style defines you!
USA Stylebox
Canada StyleBox
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