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Jamberry Thanksgiving weekend specials!

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Share on Twitter Wondering what Jamberry deals Jamberry is offering this weekend? Look no further!


Free STANDARD shipping on orders over $75 | C$95 after coupons and all other discounts are applied, but before tax is added.


Free exclusive bracelet on orders over $75 | C$95

3 Cyber Monday exclusive wraps: - $15 | C$19
  • Lavender Garden (26N3): Matte
  • Lavender Plaid (45G8): Luster
  • Cyber Spin (59A9): Clear
  • Siren lacquer* - $15 | C$19
"Siren" is a magenta sparkle lacquer. It is truly a knockout color. It is similar to Cardinal, but has a deeper magenta color and is sparkly!
  • Intergalactic Blue gel* - $24 | C$31
"Intergalactic Blue" is a holographic color, so it sparkles and reflects colors in the light. It is very similar, if not the same as our top seller Cosmic Blue lacquer, only in gel form.


 Sister's Styles Exclusives are back, with a twisted sister design.

On Holiday (SX201512): Sparkle - On Holiday Twist (63A3): Luster
Blossoming Love (SX201601): Satin -Blossoming Love Twist (63A4): Luster
Pattern Envy (SX201602): Matte -Pattern Envy Twist (63A5): Glossy
Color Crush (SX201603): Sparkle - Color Crush Twist (63A6): Clear
Wanderlust (SX201604): Matte - Wanderlust Twist (63A7): Satin
Floral Fusion (SX201605): Metallic - Floral Fusion Twist (63A8): Metallic
Fruit Stand (SX201606): Glossy -Fruit Stand Twist (63A9): Glossy
Beach Day (SX201607): Clear -Beach Day Twist (64A1): Clear
Perennial Blue (SX201608): Luster -Perennial Blue Twist (64A2): Luster
Sweet September (SX201609): Sparkle -Sweet September Twist (64A3): Sparkle
Retro Glam (SX201610): Metallic -Retro Glam Twist (64A4): Metallic
Cloud Nine (SC201611): Satin - Cloud Nine Twist (64A5): Luster

All the SSE designs will be available in the Holiday Gift Set. During this weekend, you also earn this free sparkle wrap, PINK PIZZAZZ with a bundle purchase. Once you add a Gift Set to your cart the Pink Pizzazz wrap will be applied.

3 Exclusive Wraps and Lacquer and a Gel
  • Golden Twenties (59A8): Metallic
  • Nordic Navy (36G3): Metallic
  • Nordic Garden (57B6): Glossy

Teal the show is a holographic lacquer in a dazzlingly beautiful teal color. This product is categorized as a specialty lacquer which will be sold for $18 | C$23, but for this Black Friday/Cyber Monday with a Twist Event, it’s being DISCOUNTED to the standard lacquer price of $15 | C$19!
"Heirloom" lacquer is a pearl neutral color. And really it does look like a pearl! It has a beautiful vintage cream color with subtle hints of soft peach and a satiny finish.
Aubergine gel* - $24 | $31
  • "Aubergine” is a dark purple shimmer. It is similar to Mauvelous, but with more sheen and dark purple tones than brown tones.

That’s right! We’ve got one more surprise up our sleeves for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend – the Gel Essential Bundle! What’s in the bundle? A TruShine Gel Top Coat, Base Coat, and a Curing Lamp! This is the perfect gift for someone who doesn’t have a Gel Kit yet for so many reasons. One being that clear gel over wraps adds a salon quality finishing touch to your manicure and we encourage you to use it for that purpose! In addition to that, with the beautiful gel colors we’re offering during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, those who don’t have everything they need to use gel are going to wish they did, so there’s no better time to share this great deal than now!
Here are the details you need to know about the Gel Essential Bundle:
  • Products included in bundle: TruShine Gel Top Coat, Base Coat, and Curing Lamp.
  • Price: $70 (a $14 discount) | C$90 (a $16 discount)

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