Eat Local: Taqueria Tablas

11:59 PM

Last week, I told you about my Sushi place, Sakura. This week we go to our own continent for Mexican food. Real Mexican food from natives, not a 'chain' restaurant. Taqueria Tablas is a real gem located at the Merchantville Circle(where Center, Chapel, and Cuthbert meet).

Meats available on most dishes are: Chorizo, Al Pastor(my family's favorite), Pollo, Bistec and Camarones
They serve 'American' food too, for the finicky people in your life.

Enjoy the food love below and Eat Local!

Huitlacoche- Corn Truffle Quesadilla

Sopes, my favorite - Homemade Tortillas!

Huarache -Corn massa tortilla 

Enchiladas Suizas

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