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11:59 PM
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I have blogged about how important nail care is before. So glad to share that Jamberry has just released new product to help with your nail care routine:
Cuticle Remover, Cuticle Oil, Cuticle Spoon, Cuticle Groomer

The Metal Cuticle spoon was only available if you purchased the Deluxe Tool Kit. Now you can get it separately! ($10US)

The Metal Cuticle Groomer is made of sturdy stainless steel with a sickle scraper on one end and an assymetrical scraper on theother, perfect for getting cuticle-free nails! ($10US)

The Cuticle Care Bundle (US$18) What's better than purchasing the Metal Cuticle Spoon and Cuticle Gromer Separately? Purchasing them together in a bundler and save some money when you do!

These 2 products are permanent additions to the Jamberry line. They will be included in this special sale, as part of the CUTICLE CARE BUNDLE($50) In addition to the spoon and groomer, it also includes the Cuticle Oil Pen and Cuticle Remover pen. Your nails are going to look fabulous and you'll save when purchasing all of these products together!

Missed out on some Stylebox wraps? Looking for some  Choose from this curated list of 10 favorites from the past, and get them for the StyleBox price of 2 for $25!!!!

Bold Borders
Cool & Calculated
Going in Circles
Golden Sprinkles

Mix it up
Roller Disco
Rosa Flora
Striking Stripes

The photo doesn't do Roller Disco justice, take a look:

Lacquer Lover? Check out our special Buy 3 Get 1 Free($45) deal, while supplies last!

Stock up on you of your favorite lacquers with this special deal. Two of your lacquer  choices will be seleced from Siren, Heirloom and/or It's all Roses. The other two choices will be selected from the full catalog list. You'll also get a Blue Velvet Bag with your purchase!

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Which is your favorite StyleBox wrap from the past?

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