Tools for success with your Jamberry Nail Wraps

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In a previous post, I mentioned how you probably have everything you need at home to apply your Jamberry Wraps and it's been okay for you; because sometimes we make do with what we have.
 Wouldn't you like your Jamberry Nail Wraps to go on easier and quicker?

With better tools, your application will be easier and more efficient! What are you waiting for?

Your nails need to clean and oil-free in order to help your Jamberry Nail Wraps Last. Jamberry offers a Nail Cleanser and a Lacquer Remover.

  • If you are already wearing polish, lacquer or Jamberry Nail wraps, our gentle non-acetone Lacquer Remover will work efficiently with very little odor to get your nails ready for cleaning.
  •  The Nail Cleanser helps prepare your nail beds by cleaning any residue from lacquer or wrap removal. The cleanser is the same product that is in the foil-wrapped Nail Prep Wipes.
Both the Nail Cleanser and the Lacquer Remover have a pump top for single-hand use!

  • You probably have some of the tools needed to apply the Jamberry Nail Wraps. Perhaps your tools have seen better days? Wouldn't it be nice to have new, professional tools all in one place? The Application Kit consists of a roomy zippered-pouch, buffer block, 2 orange sticks, cuticle pusher, nail scissors, 2 Nail Prep Wipes, nail trimmers.

  • To keep your Jamberry Nail Wraps from drying out and your nails moisturized, the daily use of cuticle oil is recommended. Jamberry offers two options: Nail Care Cuticle Oil(pictured above) and a Cuticle Oil Pen for on-the-go convenience.
You can save some bucks by purchasing an Application Kit bundled with Cuticle Oil!

And last, but certainly not least, the Mini-Heater! I must admit, that I used to be a naysayer about this product. As Alton Brown would say, <> Let me tell you, once you apply  Jamberry Nail Wraps with a mini-heater you will never go back to the old ways! It's so small, it will fit in your application kit pouch. Come let me tell you more in this clip:

What Jamberry Nail Care Product is on your shopping list?

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