What are Jamberry Wraps?

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Can you relate?

And then this, too..

You should think about trying some Jamberry nail wraps! What are they?

You apply them on your own schedule; there is no dry time; there is no one speaking in tongues around you unless you like that sort of thing!

 I have a rather active life, wraps last on my hands about 10 days, more or less. I know one consultant who had a wrap last 5 weeks on her thumb! This is French Countryside on my nails.

Jamberry wraps are a heat and pressure activated vinyl sticker that allow you to have salon style nails for a fraction of the cost!

You probably have everything you need to apply them at home:

  • Alcohol and cotton ball
  • Scissors
  • Nail File / Nail Clipper 
  • Cuticle Pusher/Orange Stick
  • Hair Dryer ( A mini-heater makes the job easier)

  • One sheet contains 18 nail wraps! That's enough for 2 manicures, 2 pedicures plus left-overs to share or use as accent nails.

    Jamberry always has this awesome deal. (excludes collegiate and other licensed aka 'Premium' designs)

    Once you know what size Jamberry nail wrap you need, the process goes by fairly quickly. Let me show you how to apply them:


    Which design captures your eye?

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