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LuLaRoe and Land's End A-line Skirts

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Let's talk a little about wardrobes today. While I shop and will take advantage of bargains at various locales, until recently, my wardrobe mainly consisted of Land's End, Brooks Brothers, Ann Taylor Loft and J. Peterman. 

Then I heard of a direct sales brand called LuLaRoe.
Lula what?

lularoe land's end

Resistance is futile my friends! For months I resisted, then a colleague invited me to a party she was hostessing, I felt the soft fabrics, admired the figure flattering styles and  fell into the rabbit hole.

Share on TwitterI have enough LLR pieces now to say it forms a significant chunk of my wardrobe as well.

LLR is great because each consultant chooses the lines they carry. A limited number of pieces are made in a fabric run so you are encouraged to have many consultants so you can have access to all the designs. Highly sought after designs are nicknamed 'Unicorns".

Speaking of Unicorns, if you see Frenchy or Italian inspired designs---let me know!!

The following are the consultants I shop most from:

South Jersey:
Genie Solomon, Cherry Hill
Cindy Goldberg, Cherry Hill
Nicole Nurthen, Merchantville (can host pop-up boutiques for you at her photography studio)

Florida:  Lenette Serlo, Plantation (weekly pop-up in her home, free shipping if you buy 2 items)

And now, the actual point of my post: a comparison between A-line skirts offered by LLR(style is called AZURE) and LE. No judgment here, I love them both!

First the care tags:
Land's end is all cotton, wheras LLR is a poly-spandex blend.
so cheeky, LLR!

Individual Shots: 
LLR skirt on top of LE skirt...LE is slightly more generous in width, LLR has wider waistband.

Side by side


Love my nails? Me too! While this is a retired design, you can find over 400 pretty ones at my site:

 The LE is a little taller folded up than the LLR

The LLR folds down so tiny it fits in this gift bag, a great choice for travel.

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