Minnie & Me

12:21 AM

When I was in 5th grade, I visited Disney World with my parents for Christmas Vacation. For days I searched for the most important people...but I only found Minnie.

No Mickey ears for me, I needed a Minnie doll for a souvenir. For many years, I regretted not asking for the Classic Minnie. Now, I feel unique, as I'm sure there are very few of you out there who have the 

TOTALLY MINNIE doll, complete with legwarmers!

You can relive the magic with these cool wraps from the Disney Collection by Jamberry.
 While there isn't a TOTALLY MINNIE wrap, these designs certainly span the spectrum of styles!

You'll have to hurry, don't delay...these designs will say goodbye on the 20th of May!

Oh dear! Has the time passed and you missed out? Well, here's an idea of how to make "do". Layer White Mini Polka over True Love for a DIY Minnie design.

Remember, you can always find the current Disney Collection by Jamberry here.

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