Road Trip Day 2

11:55 PM

By 8 am, Tommaso had me back on schedule, insisting it was time to “EAT! EAT!” his daily oatmeal with apple sauce and ‘uva’. After breakfast, all the adults got their screen time in…have to check the email and facebook updates, y’know. Tommaso received some tribute today: a new scimmia(he screeches when you press his pancina), a dinosaur and a shirt and jacket from Italy.

We lunched on last night’s leftovers and then Frank & the wee one went on a short walk between the buildings and showed him the water pump. Tommaso loved operating it and now keeps asking to go to the POMPA.

Then it was time for today’s excursion: Honesdale’s
SuperWalmart(I kid you not) for food shopping.
It was a short, scenic ride, past grazing cow’s and lots of horses. Tommaso fell asleep in the car since it was naptime. But he awoke when we pulled in. I must admit, this Walmart is much nicer than the Cherry Hill one! Frank entertained Tommaso by playing every musical card in the store for him while we waited to be rung up. Poor baby fell asleep in the car on the way home, only to wake up upon arrival. I tried to get him to nap, but he won.

My cousins rewarded him (or tried to distract him) by presenting him with his very own lawn mower. It blows bubbles! So fun. He also got a souped up wagon made from a CocaCola crate from 1974(coincidentally, the year my parents got married.) that they purchased at an antiques auction for the little prince. I toured their guest cottage, which they are thinking of offering as a vacation rental to nice people.

As you can see here, Tommaso and Frank had some fun on the swing. He seems to have really taken a liking to him! To toast Frank’s survival of Tommaso climbing all over him, we(the adults) had a shot of Crema di Limoncello made by our cousin Giovanna in Italy. TASTY!
For dinner, we had Spaghetti al Pesto di Pistacchio con Bacon(needless to say there is NO PANCETTA in Wayne County, PA) YIAM!

Yet again, Junior was an un-cooperative bather and insisted on sleeping in the big bed to boot. I made a barricade of pillows to make sure he didn’t fall out. He woke up with a nightmare around 11 and he went back to his own bed to sleep(Grazie a Dio!)

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  1. I love those pictures...
    miss you all very very much...
    :) I love you..


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