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4:55 PM

First, Tommaso officially is a 'big boy'. Last night the first baby tooth fell out
And the new one is already making an appearance. We forgot to put his toothunder  the pillow last night-- I wonder if la Fata del Dente will make an appearance?!

Antonio, 2 years, 2 months enjoying the choochoo at Wegman's.
Some of our bounty from the garden. Yummy food thanks to these guys, formerly called our pets by Tommaso. 

I won this Worm Bin two  years ago on the Creative Green Living . The bin lives outside all year long here in South Jersey. The worms are the original red wigglers I bought plus some maggots that have decided to call it home. 

We went to 3 different County Farm fairs this summer.
I entered two knit items in the Burlington County fair and won 2 ribbons!

Here are  my current WIPs:

mystery woodworking project( my dear father-in-law is helping with this, and the boys 'helped' do some sanding, too)
Time to go enjoy what is left of summer vacation!

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