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Calling all Fashionistas!

8:31 AM

I just finished reading The One Hundred by Nina Garcia and proud to report that I already own most of the pieces she suggested including a vintage mink and a valid passport.

I don't care for most of her boot suggestions....I don't really need nor want to wear cowboy boots, wellingtoon boots, or ankle boots, thank you very much.

However, I have come to realize I am remiss in not owning of any of the following items and will get to work on acquiring as soon as the purse allows. Of course, if there are any generous benefactors reading my blog, feel free to donate to the cause!

Repetto Ballet Flats

Rayban Aviators and Wayfarers

Camel Coat
Brooches ( I have I definitely could use some more)
White Cable Knit Sweater
Black Cashmere Sweater
Charm Bracelet
Gentleman's Hat : Fedora or Tilby (so mad my dad threw his out!)

An investment bag, so called because it will cost several weeks salary: chanel 2.55, LV Speedy, the Jackie O, or the Birkin(which I like the best, followed by the speedy)

Custom-made Vans
Fur Stole
Hermes Scarves

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