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I love Paris in July...

11:42 AM I dont' have enough going on in my life(new job, newlywed, pregnant, fixing up our house so we can sell it and buy a bigger one), I'm trying to get some graduate work done before our lil bundle arrives in October. I've been dreaming about Rutgers at the Louvre for several years now, so it seems like it's now or never(or a long time from now at least).
Luckily, my husband can take time off as I consider this trip our babymoon too!

We'll be in the city of lights for 3 weeks(my class runs for two). I hope there won't be any riots over there like last summer!

Our hotel is very close to the Arc-de-Triomphe....which means we're in a good spot to watch the Bastille day festivities as well as the end of the Tour de France!

I look forward to having my daily pain au chocolate. Miam!

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